Dhoom Manikpur


Roots of Rawal Family of Amka stretch out to Dhoom Manikpur, a village about 1.5 kilometres north of Amka. Thakur Ranjit Singh son of Thakur Vijay Raj was a contemporary of Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II who ruled India from 1759-1806. Thakur Ranjit Singh had five sons namely 1. Thakur Mohar Singh 2. Thakur Jhoom Singh 3. Thakur Sipahi Singh 4. Thakur Ram Dayal Singh and 5. Thakur Dharam Singh. Thakur Mohar Singh who was the eldest son of Thakur Ranjit Singh established Amka in 1818. The descendents of other four brothers continue to live in Dhoom Manikpur. Till about fifties of last century, there was no difference between the families of two villages. They used to frequently visit each other on every occasion like birth, marriages, death or any other social or religious functions.
Subsequently, with the passage of time, as the numbers of family members grew both in Amka and Dhoom Manikpur, the socialisation of two families gradually declined. However, for the purpose of this website, they are still our respected kin. Therefore,  we  have included  prominent personalities of Dhoom Manikpur in the website under section ‘DHOOM MANIKPUR”.  Please provided as much information for this section of the website along with photographs and brief narration

Thakur Kesri Singh son of Thakur Jhoom Singh. He was contemporary of Thakur Ramjas Singh, Thakur Moti Ram Singh and Thakur Mukhram Singh of Amka
Thakur Raja Ram Singh son of Thakur Kesri Singh. He was contemporary to our Thakur Sriram Singh, Thakur Raidal Singh and Thakur Desraj Singh
Thakur Nauratan Singh son of Thakur Raja Ram Singh
Major Narendra Singh Rawal son of Thakur Nauratan Singh
Captain Sujeet Singh son of Major Narendra Singh
Lt. Col Sudeep Singh son of Captain Sujeet Singh Rawal and his wife Neha.
Shri Shiv Pratap Singh Rawal
Shri Shiv Pratap with queen of Travancore and owner of Padnabha Temple
Brig. Rajdeep Singh Rawal
Dr. Sudhir Rawal, Eminent Oncologist
Thakur Tikam Singh, Freedom Fighter
Mrs. Satyavati MLA
Shri Vinod Rawal DIG, BSF (Redt) and his wife Chandra Prabha
Shri Aryendra Singh better known as Lal Saheb
Dhoom Devi Sati Sthan in Dhoom Manikpur. It is said that she became sati in Vikram Samvat 1732 which correspond to 1675 AD. In her memory, the village is named after him.
Group Photo of Rawal Family of Dhoom Manikpur
Shri Ajit Singh and wife Shreya Singh
Shri Gaurav Raj Singh and wife Seetu