Family History

According to historical records,  Raja Jait Singh ruled Jaisalmer from 1496 to 1528. He had nine sons.  Their names were 1. Lunkaran Singh 2. Karam Singh 3. Mahirawal 4. Rajo 5. Mandleek 6. Narsingh Das 7. Jai Singh Dev 8. Rawal Ram and 9 Tilok Singh alias Bhairu Singh alias Berisal Singh 

Karam Singh, the second son of Raja Jait Singh moved from Jaisalmer  to western Uttar Pradesh for a bath in Ganges on 15th January 1528. His two younger brothers  Rawal Ram and   Tiloksi alias Bhairu Singh alias Berisal Singh accompanied him. On the way, they fought a battle with Raja Luth Verma of Anchar Garh. In this battle, Raja Luth Verma was defeated. However, the two borthers namely  Karam Singh and Rawal Ram were also martyred. The third brother Tilok Singh captured 360 villages of defeated Raja Luth Verma and established his rule in the area

Initially Rawal Family of Amka belonged to village Dhoom Manikpur, which is about 1.5 kilometres to its north. Thakur Ranjit Singh, one of the ancestors of Rawal Family was a resident of Dhoom Manikpur. He was a direct descendant of Berisal Singh. He had five sons. There names were 1. Thakur Mohar Singh 2. Thakur  Jhoom Singh 3. Thakur Sipahi Singh 4. Thakur Ram Dayal Singh and 5. Thakur Dharam Singh.  Thakur Ranjit Singh’s eldest son Thakur Mohar Singh established village Amka in 1818. All land of this village belonged to Rawal Family. Now some owners have sold their land and have shifted to other places. 

Thakur Mohar Singh had three sons namely Thakur Ramjas Singh, Thakur Moti Ram Singh and Thakur Mukhram Singh. The Rawal Family of Amka is the off springs of these three patriarchs. In 2018, Amka village completed 200 years of its existence. 

It may be mentioned that during the last five hundred years, descendants of Berisal ji have spread to many villages and towns in the western Uttar Pradesh. Some of  the important villages that are predominantly inhabited by Rawal Rajputs are Dhoom Manikpur, Ghodi Bachheda, Amka , Dadri, Jaitpur, Badpura, Hajipur, Samauddinpur, Baddha, deeppur, bhamela, Ramkheri, Chutmalpur, Rampur (Muzaffrnagar), Pamrawali (Khatauli) etc   For the sake of better standard of living, safety, education, medical and other facilities, many Rawal family members  have now migrated from villages to other places like Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Guru Gram. Some have even shifted to places like Mumbai England, Canada and Australia. The time is not far off, when it will be difficult to trace every member of the Rawal Family of Amka.