Group photograph taken in 1917 on the occasion of marriage of Harbans Kunwar d/o Thakur Raidal Singh, honorary Munsif

Sitting L to R 1. Thakur Risal Singh 2. Thakur Sriram Singh 3. Thakur Mukhram Singh 4. Thakur Raidal Singh 5. Thakur Desraj Singh Standing L to R 1. Ganeshi 2. Thakur Roshan Singh 3. Thakur Narpat Singh 4. Thakur Chandra Bhan Singh 5. Thakur Tungal Singh 6. Thakur Raghbir Singh 7. Salgi Nai
Thakur Desraj Singh and his wife Champo Devi
Smt. Pushp Lata wife of Thakur Yashvir Sigh
Smt Brihma Devi wife of Dr. Atar Singh
Smt Shanti Devi wife of Thakur Indra Pal Singh
Thakur Ram Chander Singh
Ram Pyari wife of Thakur Ram Chander Singh
Champo Devi mother of Thakur Ram Chander Singh
Thakur Ram Chander Singh
Yashvir Singh
Sushila daughter of Ram Chander Singh
Premvati wife of Rajendra Singh
Niranjana Devi wife of Ravinder Singh
Sitting on Chairs L to R Thakur Sheo Raj Singh, Thakur Udai Vir Singh and Thakur Amar Singh. Standing are Shri Chandra Pal Singh and Shri Mahendra Singh of Bapora
S/Shri Ranvir Singh, Vijay Pal Singh and Jatan Singh
Three Generations of Shri Lokendra Singh and Brothers family. L to R S/Shri Rakesh Lokendra , Vinod and Ashok
Mrs. Gajendra Vati wife of Thakur Mahavir Singh
Mrs. Kusum Lata wife of Thakur Amar Singh
Smt Roop Vati Devi wife of Shri Shovinder Singh
Prabha Devi D/o Thakur Bani Singh
Mrs. Malti Devi wife of Thakur Brij Bir Singh
Mrs Vimlesh Rawal wife of Shri Mahendra Singh
Mrs. Ayodhya Devi wife of Thakur Rajvir Singh
Mrs. Kamlesh Rawal wife of Shri Surendra Pal Singh
Mrs. Suman Lata wife of Shri Vikram Singh
Mrs. Rajni Rawal wife of Shri Gianendra Singh
Virendra Pal Singh and Usha Rawal
Yogendra Singh and Asha Rawal
Smt. Krishna Rawal wife of Thakur Kushal Pal Singh of UK.
Shailendra and Deepa Rawal
Ashok Rawal and Shashi Rawal
Kamlendra Singh and Urmila Rawal
Rajni Rawal and Gianendra Singh
Rajni Rawal and Gianendra Singh
Harendra Singh and Shubhra Rawal
Aarti Rawal
Anushka Rawal wife of Shri Shashank Rawal
Top Row: Yashvir Singh and Sushila Bottom: Thakur Ram Chander Singh, His mother in the middle and extream ruight his wife Ramyari. Standing is Mithilesh.
Photo of members of the Rawal Family taken on the ocassion of Ring Ceremoney of Rahul son of Mahendra Singh - 1999
Photo taken in Maharashtra Sadan, Kasturba Marg, Delhi
Photo taken on 25.12.2019 in Coast Guard Officers Institute
Dhirendra, Seema and Shailesh Rawal
Gaurav, Dhruv, Gauri and Garima
Gaurav and Saurav on Holi
Yogendra Singh, Virendra Singh, Vikram Singh and Kamlendra Singh with their mother Mrs Kusum lata.
Anushka, Rahul, Sarita and Ankit
Shri Manoj Singh and his wife Jyotirmai Rawal
Amar Rawal and Pradeep Rawal
Dr. Sakshi Rawal daughter of Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh
Garima Rawal daughter of Shri Gaurav Rawal.
Mahendra Singh and family on Anushka's birthday 2017 in Sydney, Australia.
Rahul Rawal son of Shri Mahendra Singh
Sarita Rawal wife of Shri Rahul Rawal
Anushka Rawal daughter of Shri Rahul Rawal
Ankit Rawal son of Shri Rahul Rawal
Ankit, Rahul and Mahendra Singh in Brisbane, Australia
Digvijay Singh, Rajvir Singh, Virendra Pal Singh, Vijay Pal Singh and Ashok Rawal
Ankit with Senior Citizens in Meghdootam Park - January 2020.
L to R Ranvir Singh, Digvijay Singh,Jatan Singh, Narendra Singh and Vijay Pal Singh
Mahendra Singh being felicitated by Strawberry Farmers at Panchgagni, near Mahabaleshwar.
Mahendra Singh being felicitated at Panchgani, Near Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.
Mahendra Singh being feliciatated at Pune by onion farmers
Mahendra Singh being felicitated as Guest of Honour at the Investiture Ceremoney by the Principal of the Kalka Public School, New Delhi-June 2011.
Mahendra Singh, as Guest of Honour, distributing prices to the students of Kalka Public School, New Delhi
78th Birthday of Mahendra Singh being celebrated by his friends.
Mahendra Singh with Certificate and Medal awarded by the India Book of Records for Largest Collection of Photographs of seven generations of a single family.
Mahendra vernSingh felicitating Shri J.C. Kala, Retd. Secretary to the Government of India on the occasion of Annual Function of Gangotri Enclave Senior Citizens Forum in Chief Guest
Subedar Bani Singh
Amita Singh and J P Singh, DIG, Coast Guard
Rajni Rawal, Gianendra Singh and Aarti Rawal
Mahendra Singh with Pt. Nawal Kishore Sharma, Former Union Minister for Petroleum and Gujrat Governor.
Gianendra Singh with his mother Smt. Gajendra Vati
Thakur Vijay Pal Singh and Family, Amka
Rahul and Amit at Sydney Harbour
Group Photo of Rawal Family of Amka taken on the occasion of Sundar Kand Path on 5.1.2020
On the occasion of marriage of Jagdeep son of Shri Jasveer Singh
Shri Amar Rawal son of Dr. Lokendra Singh
Shri Shubhendra son of Shri Shailendra Singh
Shri Anubav son of Shri Vinod Rawal
Shri Manu Rawal son of Shri Ashok Rawal
Cmndr Ankit son of Shri Harendra Singh
Virendra Pal Singh and Mahendra Singh at Naini Peak, Nainital - 1967
Smt. Niranjana Devi wife of Thakur Ravindra Singh
Smt. Anita wife of Shri Bhashinder
Smt. Lovely and Smt. Prinynka wife of Shri Harish and Neeraj respectively
Shri Bharat Rawal and his family
Smt. Renu Rawal wife of Shri Bharat Singh Rawal
Mrs. Geeta Rawal wife of Shri Gagandeep Rawal
Wife of Shri Manvir Singh
Wife of Shri Tikam Singh
Shri Rajat son of Shri Rakesh Rawal
Smt. Munni Devi wife of Thakur Abhay Singh Rawal
Thakur Bijendra Singh of Kashipur and his wife Smt Satyawati
Mrs. Arti Rawal wife of Vivek Rawal
Atharv son of Shri Vishal Rawal of Kashipur
Shri Varun Rawal son of Shri Satyendra Singh - Mumbai
Ms. Aparna Rawal daughter of Shri Satyendra Singh
Aparna Rawal with Maj. Gen. G D Bakshi
Shri Satyendra Singh with wife Pratibha Rawal
Dr. D Sharma, Chairman,, RWA Federation, Presenting a gift on Mahendra Singh Birthday 14.8.2022.
S/Shri Madhav Singh, Shashank and Saurav
Shri Ramvir Singh Raghav, Mahendra Singh, Himani and Vimlesh. Himani is Mr. Ramvir Singh’s daughter. She is a distinguished Rifle Shooter. She has won 40 Gold, 40 Silver and 14 Bronze medals. On 24.1.2021, UP CM, Yogi Adityanath felicitated her by presenting Laxmibai Award for being the best female shooter of the State. She was also given a cheque for Rs. 3,11,000/- Her husband Shri Anand Vikram Singh is also a Rifle Shooter.
Thakur Sukhvir Singh, Ranjona Rawal and Kuntala Rawal
Smt Ranjona and Shri S.K. Taneja
Arunjeet Rawal and Abhijeet Rawal sons of Smt Ranjona and grand sons of Thakur Sukhvir Singh
Thakur Sukhvir Singh and Mrs. Kuntala Rawal
Shri Rajat and his family
Thakur Randhir Singh when posted on Dufferin as the first Indian Chief Engineer
Mahendra Singh as Patron of Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Association (NOFFA)
House warming of Shri J.P. Singh's house in Noida on 6.3.2021
House warming of Shri J.P. Singh's house in Noida on 6.3.2021
Jyoti wife of Kishan Pal Singh
House Warming Ceremoney for Noida Flat of Shri J P Singh
Mahendra Singh
L to R Rahul, Y.P. Sharma, Yash Pal Sharma, Test Cricketer and Sushil Kakkar at Sagai Ceremony of Rahul - October 1999.
J.P. Singh and his colleague Satpathy, both DIG's in Coast Guard
Shri Vinod Sharma of FM 91.2 Radio Channel and Mahendra Singh
Rajnish, Mahendra Singh, Vimlesh and Bharati on the 82nd birthday of Mahendra Singh on 14.8.2021
Mahendra Singh on his 82nd Birthday on 14.8.21
Rashmi Bala Rawal and Vanita Parihar Daughter of Thakur Suraj Pal Singh
Birthday of Thakur Ranvir Singh was celebrated on 5th September 2021.
Thakur Vijay Pal Singh
Birthday celebrations of Meetu at Sagar Presidency on 9.12.2021
Meetu Birthday Party with Coast Guard Officers and Friends of Rahul at Friends Club on 12.12.2021
Party at Kota House on 29.12.2021
Mahendra Singh, N STomar Saroj Tomar and Vimlesh dated 26.6.2022
Family Photo Santosh, Anjali (Dolly), Sumita (Puti) and Vinod Kumar Dodia ji
Gajendra Singh and Family
Santosh Dodia
Vinod Kumar Dodia
Sushma Singh
Gajendra Singh
Rudraksh Rawal son of Shri Jagdeep Rawal
Mahendra Singh with Shri Kamaluddin Ahmad, Former Minister Civil Supplies Government of India.
Lt to Rt Rakhi Rawal, Sapna Rawal, Jagdeep Rawal, Rudraksh, Joginder Singh Rana, Kamlesh Rana and Pawna Devi.
Gajendra Singh
Devendra Singh
Satendra Singh
Rajendra Singh and his wife Premvati
Jasveer Singh and wife Rakhi Rawal
Rashmi Bala, Ajay Rawal and their family on trip to Sikkim - May 2022
Rashmi Bala and Ajay Rawal on their trip to Sikkim - May 2022
Jasveer Singh participating in Asian Games 1982 At Delhi
Mahenda Singh with Dr. S.P Seth, IAS and Shri R.K. Dhawan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court at Lunch on 12.6.22 at CSOI, Chanakya Puri. ,
L to R Bijendra Singh, B.M. Sarin, Mahendra Singh, Balram Jakhar, Union Minister for Agriculture
L to R Balram Jakhar, Union Minister for Agriculture, B.M Sarin, Mahendra Singh and V B Mahajan
Rita Bhatai, V C Bhatia and Y P Sharma at my flat on 19.6.2022
Rita Bhatia, V C Bhatia, Y P Sharma and Priya Sharma at my flat on 19.6.2022
Group Photo taken on the occasion of felicitating Maj. General Rajdeep Singh Rawal at Kota House on 10.7.2022
Dr. Sudhir Rawal with Maj. Gen. Rajdeep; Singh Rawal and his wife Sonica Rawal - 10.7.22
Maj Gen. Rajdeep Singh, Vimlesh Mahendra Singh and DIG JP Singh at Kota House on 10.7.2022
Vimlesh, Mahendra Singh, DIG JP Singh and Amita at Kota House Function on 10.7.2022
Diwali at Sydney - 2017
Gopal Singh and his wife
Birthday photo of Mahendra Singh - 14.8.2022
Rahul with Mr. Dominic Perottet Chief Minister of NSW State of Australia
Vinod Rawal Receiving the book from Mahendra Singh
Kushal Pal Singh
Mahendra Singh
L to R Sitting N.K Ahuja, BP Singh Mahendra Singh J M Bhanot U.S Jaggi, S S Kalra Standing Vijay Nair, T K Roy, MPS Ahuja B N Jindal, H Zafar, Suman Khanna, Prem Parihast and
With Families of Pradeep Raghav and Neeraj Gahlaut - 1 1 2023
Meeting with Shri B N Singh on 4.4.23. From L to R Shri Rajiva Singh, Shri J C Kala, Shri Mahendra Singh, Shri B N Singh Shri S R Kapur and and Shri S K Roy
Naveena and her Husband Dharmendra Arya
Maj. Veer Singh, his wife Manju Rawal, daughter Naveena and son Nalin
Maj Veer Singh and wife Manju Rawal
Amka Family Members at Ghodi Bacheda on 9.7.23
Shri B N Singh IAS with Mahendra Singh, Bobby, Amar and Arjun at Ghodi Bacheda on 9.7.23
Sitting Attar Siingh,Nutan D/o Brig Nahar Singh Videshin the lap of Champo Devi. Standing are Abhay Singh and Munni Devi.
Get Togather wal, Maj General Rajdeep Siat Major General Rajdeep Singh's re, Mahendra Singh, ssidence on 20.08.2023. Standing L to R J P Singh, Jagdish Kala, Gopal Singhonof Rajdeep Singh, Vinod Rangh.Sitting on Chairs L to R Amita Singh, Vimlesh Nikki, Wife ofGopal Singh and Sonica Singh
Vimlesh and Mrs. Sonica Rawal at the Senior Citizens Function on 8.10.23
Shri B N Singh IAS honouring Mahendra Singh
Releasing of Members Directory of Senior Citizens Forum by Chief Guest Maj General Rajdeep Singh Rawal in the Annual Function on 8.10.23
Mahendra Singh delivering a speech in the function on 8.10.23. L to R Shri J C Kala, Chairman,, Secretary to Govt of India (Retd), Maj. General Rajdeep Singh Rawal, Shri B N Singh I A S, former DM Gautam Budhd Nagar and Mahendra Singh
Amita, Rahul and Mahendra Singh visited Chandni Chowk on 10.08.23
Kanti Devi D/o Thakur Bishan Singh
Uma Devi D/o Thakur Bishan Singh
Pushpa Devi and Shri Hari Singh. She is the daughter of Thakur Bishan Singh
Mahendra Singh at Qutab Minar on 11.12.23
Mahendra Singh and Suraj Bhan at Qutab Minar on 11.12.23
Mahendra Singh and Suraj Bhan at Qutab Minar on 11.12.123
Gajendra Vati, my mother, Prabha Devi d/o Thakur Bani Singh. In the lap is Gianendra Singh and standing is Santosh. Photo taken in 1949 at Birla Mandir
L to R Ankit, Amita, Mahendra Singh, Sarita, Anushka, J P Singh, Vimlesh, Rahul and Nikki