This book provides information in respect of descendants of Thakur Ramjas Singh son of Thakur Mohar Singh. However, there are number of other family members not only of Amka but of other places such as Dhoom Manikpur, Dadri, Ghori Bachera etc who have excelled in life, achieved high positions in government and private organizations.

They brought name and fame and glory to the Rawal Family. Their names have also now been included in the book under a separate chapter captioned as JEWELS AND GEMS OF RAWAL FAMILY. Efforts have been made to collect information in respect of such family members from as many people as possible.

Their names and photographs are given below. Detailed write up on these jewels is available in book section of this website. All members of Rawal Family are requested to kindly inform about others such achievers to enable us to include their names also under this category.

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